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We are enthusiastic about the European idea and are pleased to be able to offer you many beautiful products with the famous 12 yellow stars on the blue background.
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Did you know?

The European flag shows twelve golden, five-pointed stars arranged in a circle on a blue background. It was introduced as the European flag by the Council of Europe in 1955 and adopted by the European Communities in 1986 as the symbol for all their institutions.[Today it is well known as the symbol of the European Union, but is also used by other European states that are not members of the EU. The background colour is officially described as "azure" or blue.

The number of stars, twelve, is intended as a symbol of perfection, completeness and unity. Unlike in earlier flags of the ECSC, it does not represent a number of member states.In keeping with its symbolic meaning, the number remains unchanged. The EC had twelve member states in 1986, the Council of Europe now has 46 member states, the EU 27.