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EU Football “Respect” – Kick it like your favorite football star…

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Football connects people

Whether we have different skin colours, religions or sexualities, when we come together on the football fields of the world, our differences merge to celebrate together the fascination of what is probably the most popular sport.

Where people of different personalities come together, one rule should always apply: Respect for each other.

So that we do not forget this rule, we have created this ball. With the words “Respect” written in the languages of the member states of the European Union, it should always remind us to treat our fellow team mates and those players of the opposing team with decency and respect.

Let’s do it like Mbappe or Müller – let´s celebrate the game:

But always with respect!

Our ball is delivered in an inflated state. Besides the Respect logo, you will find the logos of the European Union and the European Parliament on its surface.
He comes as Matchsize 5 ball with a diameter of 23cm.

You can find more specifications in the additional informations

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Additional information

Weight 340 g
Product Details

1 mm PVC surface:
abrasion-resistant synthetic leather with minimal water absorption
3-layer polyester-cotton lamination:
this base ensures high dimensional stability and perfect ball balance
Sewing threads:
with waxed polyester yarns, the ball segments are sewn by hand
Latex bladder:
the bladder made of the natural material latex ensures optimal flight characteristics and a pleasant ball feeling Attention: due to micropores, the air escapes more quickly than with the butyl bladder
Grammage for size 5:
340 – 360 g